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Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt


Add date:2019-06-28


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The cover rubber is especially compounded for the applications requiring resistance to oils. It has outstanding abrasion, ozone and weather resistance. This conveyor belt is recommended for the conveyor lines causing swelling and sponginess by oils.


Grade: OR1


For conveying oil coated materials

For conveying parts or materials coated with oil. The different type of oil can have different
effect on the belt and shorten the life of the conveyor belt. Additional information must be 
provided when ordering the Oil Resistance Grade conveyor belt:

  1. Type      of oil

  2. Approximate      quantity of surface oil or oil content

  3. Detail      of previously used belt

  4. Detail      of working environment and the temperature involved

Grade: OR2


For conveying oily materials in high temperature environment
In the working environment where there is high temperature involved, the use of OR2 grade will help extending the life of the belt. If you are not sure which one to choose, we can help determing the appropriate grade. Please contact us for more information.


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