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Index >> News >> How to reduce the resistance of the belt conveyor?

How to reduce the resistance of the belt conveyor?

Date:2019-06-24 14:49:16 Hits:2725

Belt conveyors are commonly used in the transportation of various food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and other industries. It can be transported in the form of horizontal, climbing, turning, etc. At the same time, it can also be combined with other conveying equipment to form a conveying system of cross-complex conveying lines for material transportation. The main resistance of the belt conveyor is the extrusion resistance of the material, the bending resistance of the material, the repeated bending resistance of the conveyor belt, the depression resistance of the conveyor belt on the idler, the movement resistance of the roller, and the main resistance is generated on the conveying line. . How to reduce the resistance of the belt conveyor?

 1. Motor bearing lubrication: Due to the friction of the belt conveyor, some resistance will be generated when conveying the material. Especially when the relationship of the conveying time leads to insufficient lubrication of the machine, it is necessary to carry out the mechanical parts to refuel the motor. Lubricate, such as lubrication of bearings and accessories.

 2. Conveyor belt connection method: the belt joint is changed to the vulcanized joint (both hot and cold), the price is high but the service period is long (suitable for fixed belt conveyor)

3. Roller resistance: The conveyor resistance of the conveyor parts of the belt conveyor and the forward resistance of the conveyor are 50% of the main resistance of the whole conveying equipment, and the fuselage of the whole machine is 80 meters long.

 In the calculation formula of the total resistance of the belt conveyor, the total resistance is affected by the charging coefficient selected according to the length of the conveying device, the friction coefficient of the die associated with the device condition and the working condition, the length of the conveyor, and the unit length of the supporting branch roller. Rotating local mass, rotating partial mass per unit length of return branch roller, unit mass of conveyor belt, unit mass of conveying material (related to belt conveyor conveying capacity, material loose density and belt speed) The main resistance is affected by parameters such as the special resistance of the sweeper and the friction belt.

4. Conveyor belt deviation: The main conveying material carrier of the conveying equipment is the conveyor belt. When the material is running, the conveyor belt is easy to cause the mechanical deviation, which will bring different resistance to the belt conveyor. In order to reduce the running resistance of the belt conveyor as much as possible, the deviation of the belt is adjusted in time to reduce the deviation of the belt.

5. Clean up the garbage: timely clean up the garbage generated during the transportation process. The belt conveyor tension is jumped to the state.